Camp Camp B*tches

Ever been so intensely cold that your body actually aches? If you haven't I can tell you right now, it is not fun-well unless you are freezing your ass off with people you like then, it becomes a funny series of events and that is exactly how I would describe my latest adventure, a funny… Continue reading Camp Camp B*tches

Australian Spirit

Escaping reality was incredible, a week in the middle of Queensland working on a cattle station was an experience. I became acquainted with things I would have never been exposed to without taking this chance. Throughout the week I helped to feed cattle, dogs and horses. I helped check water tanks, condition of cattle and… Continue reading Australian Spirit


Cravings, they aren’t just about wanting that last chocolate bar in your fridge, they are so much more than that. They are the want or more accurately, the need for something you know that you shouldn’t need, something you know will make you a better person to live without but instead you still can’t help… Continue reading Cravings